New Patients

First Visit

Your first visit to Growing Grins Pediatric Dentistry establishes a vital foundation for our relationship with your family. During the first visit, we need to obtain important information about your child, including your child's medical and dental history, and discuss any treatment concerns we may find.  As a result, we do require that a legal guardian brings your child for their first visit and is the person completing the new patient intake forms.  We understand emergencies may arise that might prevent you from accompanying your child. We ask that you please alert our office of the situation prior to the appointment, so that we can make appropriate arrangements. We do ask that the individual you do choose to bring your child is aware of their medical history and has a way to contact a legal guardian if needed during the appointment. We also ask that you allow enough time for the appointment in your schedule, especially if you have multiple children scheduled, as the first visit requires more time to complete initial forms and dental assessments compared to most return visits.

Emergency Care

Emergency dental care visits are available at our office for existing patients.  We will require an examination to evaluate what the dental care needs are for your child.  Depending on the nature of the concern, we cannot guarantee the necessary definitive treatment can be provided that same visit.  True dental emergencies, such as dental trauma or facial swelling, will always be addressed as soon as possible, ideally that day.  If your child is a patient and should experience a dental emergency after hours, such as dental trauma or facial swelling, please call our office at 724-473-4211.  You will be directed to speak with the doctor to discuss the situation and arrange for treatment as deemed necessary.

Patient Forms

For all new patients, please complete the online new patient intake forms prior to your appointment (as early as 1 week prior to the appointment) in order to save time in the office during the first visit.  If you are unable to complete the forms, you will still have the opportunity to complete the forms in the office, but please allow for at least an additional 15-20 minutes prior to your appointment time. These forms need to be completed by a legal guardian (or the guardian with physical custody if the child is in the care of Children and Youth Services).

There are three forms to be completed: 1. New patient information form, 2. HIPAA privacy form, 3. Consent for electronic communications.  A hardcopy of the HIPAA privacy form will be available to you at the office. The link to these forms is at the end of the following "Tips" section. By filling out these forms, they will be sent to our software system and you will sign them at the office at the time of your appointment.

Tips for completing the forms:

-For the New Patient Information form, only click "Submit" at the END of the document.  To navigate through each page of the document, click "Next" (NOT "Submit") until the very end of the form.

-For the New Patient Information form, if one of the guardians is the subscriber listed on the patient's dental insurance, that guardian should enter his/her information under the first guardian information.  A second guardian's information is required if they are a subscriber for secondary insurance. Otherwise, a second guardian is not needed on file, but can be helpful for communications or emergencies.

-For families with multiple children, in the New Patient Information form, the "Guardian" and "Dental Insurance" section only needs to be completed for the first child if all children have the same information.  However, you will still need to check the box at the end of the insurance page regarding assignment of benefits.


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